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Mandatory washington Federal And State Labor Law Poster

Washington Labor Law Poster Introduction
As an employer in the state of Washington, you are required to display labor law posters with the most accurate, current information. Our Washington Labor Law Poster 2018 contains the most recent information, including changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act, Unemployment Insurance and OSHA reporting guidelines.

Displaying outdated or inaccurate information puts your company at risk for incurring costly fines. With our comprehensive labor law posters, you can easily satisfy all posting requirements and be certain your company is in compliance.

Our All-in-One Poster vs Washington Department of Labor Printable Posters

Posters that are available to download from the US Department of Labor and the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries are not as high-quality as our professional-grade labor law posters.

Our full-color, laminated labor law posters are far more durable than any downloaded poster printed on regular paper. Durability is important since labor law posters are intended to be displayed in high-traffic areas where they can be easily damaged.

Purchasing our all-in-one Washington Labor Law Poster 2018 is also more convenient. Skip the hassle of downloading and printing multiple pages and fussing with tape and staples. Our convenient, compact labor law posters contain all required information on a single 24" x 27" fully-laminated sheet.

The convenience and durability of our compact labor law posters make them a far superior choice over any agency-provided poster you can download online.

Subscription Plan

When you sign up for our Smart Poster Update Plan, managing your labor law posters gets even easier. We’ll monitor labor law changes for you. When a law change affects one of your labor law posters, we’ll automatically send you a high-quality decal containing the new information. To stay in compliance, simply adhere the decal over the outdated information on the poster.

Keeping up with labor law changes can be time-consuming and cumbersome, let us take care of it for you. Our Smart Poster Update Plan is the easiest way to ensure you are displaying the most accurate, up-to-date labor law information.

We are so committed to keeping your posters updated, that we pledge to reimburse any government fines that are incurred because of inaccurate or outdated information for which we are responsible.
  • No wrestling with push-pins and tape to hold up dozens of papers
  • Save wall space for other uses
  • All you need to be compliant is in one poster

Corporate Solutions

We offer corporate solutions to customers who manage multiple locations. This cost-effective option includes corporate discounts, free updates and a dedicated account manager. Account managers ensure the proper posters are selected to satisfy Federal and State requirements at each location.

As a corporate customer, you have the option of customizing your poster with company branding. In addition to adding your company logo and colors, you’ll also have 10" x 7" display area for featuring custom content. This is the perfect space for a company motto or policy.

Additionally, we offer Business Bundle Packages that are tailored for individual business types. You can purchase bundles that include all required posters for the following industries: Medical, General Office, Construction, Restaurant and Manufacturing. We also offer a Workplace Wellness Bundle that includes posters for fire extinguishers, hand washing, first aid, and more.

Top Common Faq's

What are labor law posters and am I required to post them?

These are the mandated federal and state employment law notices that employers are required to display in a common area. Failure to post the correct state and federal employment law notices can result in penalties, fines and lawsuits.

Which Posters Do I Need?

Federal: The US Department of Labor requires employers to display 6 posters, they are all included on our federal poster. State: Each state has different requirements. Select your state above to learn more. Also: If you interview in an spot other than where you display the law compliance posters, you need to post 3 of the federal labor laws in that area.

Do I Need To Update My Posters Annually?

Actually, you are required to update the posters whenever there are labor law changes. This may happen far more frequently.

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Smart Poster Update Plans
It is tough to stay on top of all labor law changes.

That's why the Compliance Assistance Smart Poster Update Plan includes fully laminated 2018 Federal and State Labor Law Posters PLUS any labor law changes during the coverage period. If there are any changes in the laws we will send you FREE updates in the form of decals that cover an outdated area. We can cover your 2018, 2019, and 2020 employment law poster needs.

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